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BCycle Partners with Call2Recycle to Responsibly Recycle E-bike Batteries

by BCycle | Apr 28, 2022

BCycle joins the cycling industry as the first transportation sector united under battery recycling solution


Photo courtesy: BCycle

WATERLOO, Wis. (April 28, 2022)
Starting today, BCycle bike share systems across the country will begin participating in Call2Recycle’s landmark E-Bike Battery Recycling Program.

The program unites the cycling industry as the first transportation sector united under a single battery recycling solution. BCycle, a subsidiary of Trek Bicycle, is the sole shared mobility participant in the program.

 BCycle is proud to take part in a program that provides on-demand training and the necessary materials to recycle e-bike batteries, making responsible e-bike battery lifecycle management easier for our operators.

“As a bike share operator and supplier of electric bikes to cities across the U.S., BCycle is committed to leading the industry in building sustainable, responsible bike share programs,” said BCycle Executive Director, Morgan Ramaker. “Our product longevity is unmatched, and the Call2Recycle program further incorporates sustainability into our bike share ecosystem by giving e-bike batteries a new life after BCycle.”

BCycle currently operates eight bike share systems in the U.S., while supplying electric bikes and equipment to 28 additional bike share systems across the country. Last year alone, there were over 1.5 million rides taken on BCycle e-bikes.

Bike share and e-bikes have proven to be solutions to some of the world’s most pressing concerns- including physical wellness, traffic congestion, and carbon emissions from personal vehicles.

“With more electric bikes being ridden than ever before, now’s an important time to establish a battery recycling solution that bike share operators and the cities they call home can be proud of,” said Ramaker. "I hope BCycle’s participation in the Call2Recycle program will set the standard in the shared mobility industry for responsible recycling of e-bike batteries.”

To learn more about Call2Recycle, visit their website.

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