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Spartanburg BCycle is priced to encourage lots of short rides. 


Walk-up Pricing:

$3 / 30 Minutes 
Purchase at any BCycle Station

Get Started

Go to any station kiosk. Check out a bike for $3/30 minutes. Return to any Spartanburg BCycle station. 

Ride 0-30 minutes = $3
Ride 31-60 minutes = $6
Ride 61-90 minutes = $9


Member Rates:
24 hour, annual and student annual memberships must be purchased online.

Unlimited 60 minute rides for 24 hour and annual memberships:

Ride 0-60 minutes: $0
Ride 61-90 minutes: $1
Ride 91-120 minutes: $2

Unlimited 120 minute rides for student annual memberships:

Ride 0-120 minutes: $0
Ride 121-150 minutes: $1
Ride 151- 180 minutes: $2


BCycle Card

Annual members get a special BCycle Card that lets them check out bikes right from the bike's dock. This saves you money and gets you around faster!

  • A membership is required to check out bikes. 
  • 24-hour memberships can be purchased online but do not receive a BCycle card.


Join BCycle

BCycle Replacement Fees

BCycle Card Replacement  $5
BCycle Bike Replacement  $1000
BCycle Key Replacement  $10
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