What is Spartanburg BCycle?

Spartanburg BCycle is a bike sharing service for Spartanburg, SC. With 5 stations and 38 bikes Spartanburg BCycle makes it easy for locals and visitors to get around Spartanburg by bike. 

How does Spartanburg BCycle work? 

To access our network of on-demand bicycle stations, purchase a annual membership or weekly pass online or purchase a day pass at any of our stations. Annual members check out bikes by swiping their card at the dock of the bike they wish to use. Day and week pass holders swipe the credit card they used to purchase the pass at the station kiosk to check out a bike. When you are done riding, return your bike to any station in the system and plug it into any empty dock in the station.

How much does it cost? 

Annual memberships are $30, student annual memberships are $20, monthly passes are $15, and day passes $5. Your access pass or membership gives you unlimited checkouts up to one hour (two hours for student annual) at no charge for the access period. Checkouts lasting more than one hour will be charged a usage fee $1 per 30 minute period.

Maximum day rate is $35. To avoid usage fees, check your bike back in within one hour. Sign up as an annual member.

How do I purchase a pass? 

You can purchase a 24 hour Day Pass at any time at any of our BCycle Station kiosks with a major credit card (Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.) When the kiosk screen asks you if you wish to purchase a day pass, select "Yes". You will be asked to sign our user agreement. After prompted to swipe your card, you may choose any available bike. Your 24 hour pass will start with this check out, and you will use this same credit card any other time you wish to check out a bike during that period. Annual memberships and monthly must be purchased online.

Where is my 24 hour pass? Where is my 30day/annual pass?

Our system recognizes the credit card you used to purchase your pass or membership for access to the system. Any time you wish to check out a bike during your access period, you will swipe the same card (except for annual members who may also use their member card directly at the dock of any available bike.) When the kiosks screen asks you if you wish to purchase a Day Pass, select "I have a pass" and swipe your card when prompted to select your bike. Your card will not be charged again. This simply allows us to recognize your membership without having to issue paper or require you to remember a code.

Your annual pass or 30 day pass will be mailed to you within a week of purchase. 

How often is my credit card charged for BCycle fees?

For memberships of thirty days or less, a user’s credit card is charged once or twice. The membership fee will be charged at the time of registration. If any usage fees have accrued during the membership period, a second charge will be processed following the end of the membership period. 

For memberships of more than thirty days, there will be an initial charge for the membership fee at the time of registration, and thereafter there will be a monthly charge for usage fees, if any, accrued during each month of the membership. A final charge will be processed following the end of the membership period. 

How do I extend my membership to a later expiration date?

If you have a membership that is shorter than annual, you can upgrade it to an annual membership by paying the additional amount necessary. To be eligible for this upgrade option, you must upgrade before your other membership expires. For example, if you bought a monthly membership for $15 on July 1 that expires on July 30, you can log in to your personal web page anytime in July and upgrade to an annual membership that will expire on June 30 of the following year. If the cost of an annual membership is $30, you will have to pay only $15 ($30 minus $15) for the upgrade.

Annual members also have the option of automatically renewing their annual memberships by selecting Auto-Renewal in the Account Preferences section of their personal web page.


What should I do if I’ve lost my B-card?

Go online to your personal B-cycle web page and suspend your card, or call Partners for Active Living at 864.598.9638 immediately so that we can suspend the card and prevent anyone else from using your card to gain access to a bicycle for which you are financially responsible.

A replacement card will be provided for a nominal fee.

While waiting for your replacement B-card to arrive, you can check out bikes by using the kiosk at each station. You must present the credit card associated with your membership account. 

What if I don’t agree with a credit card charge?

Call Partners for Active Living: 864.598.9638.

 What if I want to cancel my membership?

Membership fees are non-refundable but if you wish to suspend your account to prevent any new usage fees, call Partners for Active Living or manage your account on your personal BCycle web page.

What happens if the bike gets lost or stolen? 

Contact Partners for Active Living at 864.598.9638 or immediately. You are financially responsible for your bike and any others checked out on your card while the bike is checked out of the station. If the bike you checked out is not recovered, you will be responsible for the replacement cost, $1000 plus local sales tax. 

When does my membership period begin?

Your membership period begins the day of purchase.

How do I find my personal ride statistics?

Information about each member’s use of BCycles is posted to that member’s personal BCycle web page. Members must log in to view the information, which includes such information as the date and duration of each trip, the station from which the bike was checked out and the station to which the bike was returned, the distance pedaled, the usage fee (if any), the associated calories burned, and carbon offset.

Can I buy more than one membership with my credit card?

When signing up online, only one membership can be associated with a credit card. When buying a one-day membership at a kiosk, more than one membership can be associated with a credit card, but the same card must be presented each time a bike is checked out during the membership period.


Can minors participate in B-cycle?

No, you must be 18 years of age or older to use Spartanburg BCycle.

When are the BCycle Stations open? 

Spartanburg BCycle is open from 5:00am to 10:00pm. Bikes can be returned after hours. Two beeps and two green blinks indicate a successful return. Spartanburg BCycle intends on being open all year. If the weather in January and February is treacherous, then the program may be closed for a short period of time.  Refer to the website of specific systems.

What if I have a flat tire?

Please return a bike with a flat tire to the nearest B-station. If that is impossible, you must properly secure the bike with the built-in lock and contact Partners for Active Living at 864.598.9638.

What if I am involved in an accident?

If there has been an injury, please dial 911 first. If you are qualified to administer first aid and there is a need, please help out to the limit of your abilities. If appropriate, contact the police, as well. As in any accident, exchange information with any other affected party and collect contact information from witnesses. Contact Partners for Active Living at the earliest appropriate time.

What if a station is empty, but I want to check out a bike? What if a station is full when I arrive at my destination?

The kiosk located at each station will provide real-time information about which stations nearby have available bikes. At the kiosk select the "Station Full" button after the welcome screen for a list of nearby available stations and to add a free extra 15 minutes to your trip. The Spartanburg BCycle website BCycle mobile application for iPhone and Android provides a map of all BCycle stations in each system with real-time information about the availability of bikes. 

What if I want to keep a bike all day or longer?

BCycle is designed for shorter trips and letting other members and pass holders use the bikes when you do not need one. By checking the bike back in when you are not riding it, you avoid usage fees, don’t have to worry about locking the bike, and allow others to use the bike. To avoid usage fees and continue riding, you can check a bike in at any BCycle Station and check another bike out for no additional fee. 

How do I find Spartanburg BCycle Stations?

The Spartanburg BCycle website and BCycle Now app  provide a map of all BCycle stations in Spartanburg. All BCycle stations have a BCycle Station location map.